Concepts & Campaign Design - Bellingham Senior Activity Center


Branded Campaign
Campaign concept, words and design for senior center membership drive, Bellingham, WA

About the project

The Bellingham Senior Activity Center is a bustling hive of programs for senior citizens all over the Northwest corner of Washington. Shut down in 2020 due to Covid-19, they began to reopen a year later when vaccines became available. The Center's biggest issue was re-activating members and raising community awareness to regain support for programming.

The campaign focused on what a beloved place the Center has become, intentionally using bright colors in the visuals to associate optimistic feelings with the sense of belonging. We re-worked a photo of the center to make it look like a painting, more inviting than a regular snapshot. The community mailer included folding card and remit envelope, graphics were created for promo products like signs, shirts and stickers.  The membership boost has been a big part of the center's resurgence as we move into a post-pandemic world.

Front cover of mailer, campaign concept with treated illustration of the center.
Back cover of mailer, logo for campaign, photos of members and actual handwritten note.
Mood panel, creating sense of community
Facing page, primary ask, emphasizing togetherness

What They're Saying

"Our mailer drove donations and membership returns as the vaccines took hold. Total donations surpassed expectations and membership continues to rise. Members really loved the colorized illustration of the center!" - Molly Simon, Director, Bellingham Senior Activity Center

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