GH Partners Brand Refresh, Site Design


GH Partners LLC
Envisioning Digital Presence
Website design and development, logo refresh for investment company based in New York City.

About the project

Small but potent investment bank needed an updated look and real web presence. Punched up the logo so it speaks the visual vernacular of the trade, built a website that's slick but not too slick, befitting of their no nonsense approach to what this company does all day, every day. Started with a small map of their offering and expanded categories to include new business sectors they're expanding into. Scripted tag lines and dug for images and videos and created color schemes. Chiseled new foot holds so this business can climb as high as they want to go.

GH Partners Homepage
GH Partners About Page
GH Partners Powerpoint Cover Page

Project results

1. Developed a content strategy with internal team members to better drive informational access
2. Created brand representation and sophisticated visual presence
3. Established GH a growing force in the investment banking sector
4. Expanded category reach, increasing awareness of service offerings
5. Site fully responsive for mobile, tablets, browsers with dynamic load times

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